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Seniors and Safe Exercise

October 29th, 2015

exercise seniorsPeople of all ages should exercise, but exercise benefits seniors in ways that are critical to their health. Senior citizens are a demographic of people for whom exercise is particularly important. No other age group benefits more from continuously working on their flexibility, muscle mass, strength training and cardiovascular systems. These bodily features are in their decline at this stage of life, so preserving them is vital to mobility.

An important aspect to senior exercise is ensuring that it is done safely. Seniors are in a phase of life when bones are more brittle, joints are more rigid and muscles are not as strong as they once were. This means that additional precautions must be taken prior to and in the process of working out. First of all, it is important for seniors to be intuitive with their bodies. If part of their body feels weak or painful, they should consult a doctor before exercising. Secondly, prior to any workout, it is very important for seniors to stretch and warm their bodies up so they do not have any accidents. And lastly, exercise should only be as impacting as the individual’s body can handle. Seniors should always ask themselves if their workout plan is safe for them before they go through with it.

There are many exercise options available to seniors that are both safe and healthy. Water aerobics is a favorite for seniors because there is no danger of falling. Exercise classes for seniors may include dancing, swimming, walking, hiking and using light exercise equipment.

One important attribute of exercising when you are a senior is that you make sure to do it every day. The regularity of the exercise regimen is critical to its long term effects. One highly effective way of ensuring that seniors exercise regularly is when they participate in group exercise sessions. These are always offered in senior living communities. The group mentality and encouragement is a strong motivating factor for seniors to take care of their health.