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Counseling for Seniors and Retirees

May 2nd, 2021


As people approach old age, they sometimes find it difficult to transition from being the helper to the helped. As some begin to approach retirement, anxiety, and depression begin to set in. 

When a person has issues with entering a new phase of life, they may put themselves under unhealthy pressure. Some seniors become intensely afraid of cognitive decline that may happen as they age.

Some are afraid of being public perception to their age. The counselor may be required to help them transition into old age. 

Counseling therapy for seniors is quite important. There are a couple of mental health problems seniors face. Anxiety, stress, depression, and medical problems like dementia can be fixed through counseling therapy.

Tips for Counseling Seniors and Retirees

  • Avoid Ageism

Ageism is discrimination based on a person’s age. Ageism is exhibited when the desires or opinions of an elderly person are neglected.            

As a counselor, never ignore the personal desires or opinions of a senior. People wrongly ignore older people’s views and it is viewed as a form of disrespect by the seniors. The counselor who should provide succor to them should not be involved in the disrespect. 

  • Recognize their Weaknesses

Older adults may have not the same level of mental acuity as younger people. As a counselor, you must recognize this weakness. 

Seniors may be slow-talkers, they may require time to gather their thoughts together. You should be patient with them and don’t rush them into giving answers. 

  • Make your Environment Comfortable 

As a counselor, your office needs to be comfortable for your clients. For older people, there is a little twist. Old people are more likely to sleep off in a reclining position hence, avoid the use of reclining chairs.

Use comfortable chairs that won’t cause damage to their backs or necks. If possible, have a bowl of fruits in the office to ensure your clients feel comfortable.